Den internationella vapenhandeln

Federation of American Scientists har en mycket bra websida med mängder av länkar om den internationella vapenhandeln.

500.000 människor dör varje år av handeldvapen som smugglas internationella, på de senare åren mer och mer även till Sverige.

The security threats spawned by the global arms trade are among the most vexing problems confronting the world today. Sophisticated military technologies proliferate at an alarming rate as legitimate and black market arms dealers transfer weapons, and the capacity to produce those weapons, to an ever-growing list of clients. Deadly small arms and light weapons, which claim an estimated 500,000 lives a year, are easily smuggled across all but the most rigorously patrolled borders.

For over a decade, the Arms Sales Monitoring Project has addressed these threats by increasing transparency, accountability and restraint in the global arms trade. More specifically, we

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