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Donald Trumps USA: ACLU och den amerikanska motståndsrörelsen

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Det demokratiska partiet ligger i spillror och är hur som helst alldeles för sklerotiskt för att kunna ta sig an Donald Trump och hans revolution.

Men som David Weigel skriver i Washington Post så har den amerikanska medborgarrättsrörelsen ACLU börjat göra det som det demokratiska partiet inte har kunnat eller vågat,nämligen organisera en amerikansk gräsrotsrörelse mot Donald Trumps och hans groteska revolution:
ACLU is leading a million-dollar resistance effort against Trump’s policies

It had all the trappings of a campaign rally: the signs, the Bruce Springsteen songs on repeat, the clipboard-hugging volunteers in matching T-shirts.

But the 2,000-odd people in the University of Miami’s basketball arena were there to hear Anthony Romero, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, try to recruit them into a legal army.

“It didn’t take a lot of work to fill this auditorium,” Romero said, as the screens surrounding him showed mass protests against President Trump. “People want to be deployed. They don’t just want to write you a check, or sign a petition. They want to be engaged. You want to be protagonists with us.”

The ACLU is spending millions of dollars on a plunge into grass-roots politics — a “People Power” campaign. It’s the newest and largest development from a sprawling “resistance” movement that regularly moves faster than the Democratic Party’s leaders can think and isn’t waiting on politicians for cues.

Vem vet om fyra år kommer ACLU kanske att kunna skapa ett helt nytt parti och lägga det misslyckade demokratiska partiet på historiens skräphög. Om inte så kommer Donald Trump att sitta i åtta år, eller ännu längre.