Förarlösa snart verklighet i Silicon Valley

Förarlösa bilar kommer snart att bli verklighet i Silicon Valley och Kalifornien, betydligt snabbare än någon hade trott.
Sam Levin i Mountain View och Mark Harris i Seattle skriver i The Guardian: The road ahead: self-driving cars on the brink of a revolution in California. Proposal to let fully autonomous vehicles on the roads is a game-changer with global implications, but comes with a complex set of questions

California recently overtook the UK to become the fifth largest economy in the world, and there are a total of 27 companies that now have permits to test autonomous cars on the road, though current rules require a human behind the wheel. With a total of 180 vehicles approved for operation, there are already six times as many vehicles permitted on public streets here compared with 2014 – and probably more than the rest of the US combined.

“The technology itself will perform a lot better than we perform now as humans,” said Bernard Soriano, deputy director of the Department of Motor Vehicles. “We needed to provide a clear path to completely driverless vehicles, because of the safety benefits.”

Ett steg i rätt riktning, även om det kommer att ta ett par decennier innan förarlösa bilar blir allmänt synliga på motorvägarna i Silicon Valley

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  1. Christer W

    Förarlösa bilar är väl ingenting mot för den verkliga innovationen i us, det huvudlösa styret.

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