Surkus, appen som kan göra dig till Sveriges bästa festfixare

Ibland hittar man appar som är geniala i sin enkelhet. Surkus är en mobil app som kopplar samman blivande fotomodeller och mannekänger eller personer som ser ut som fotomodeller och mannekänger, män såväl som kvinnor, med festarrangörer som alltså kan hyra in coola människor eller människor som ser coola ut, till sina fester.

En enkel app med en enkel men väldigt kul ide.

Ben Widdicombe skriver i New York Times:
Need Models for Your Party? There’s an App for That

Six of the small clutch of party guests had been recruited through Surkus, an app that matches demographically desirable civilians — including aspiring models, actors-in-waiting and social media dwarf stars — with club promoters, marketers and other clients willing to pay for an attractive human garnish at their events.

Members can make as much as $100 for a couple of hours of hanging around a nightclub. The app is a marketplace where influencers, the talent and the merely lovely can connect with buzz seekers who want to rent such youthful glamour, with Surkus taking 50 percent of the fee.

Det är just såhär som appar ska vara, att dom kopplar ihop människor med varandr.

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