Inför årets kongressval, demokratiska gräsrötter bryter med partiet

Det demokratiska partiet har alltid toppstyrt över gräsrötterna genom de kampanjbidrag man lämnar ut. Och det betyder att man helt sonika struntar i att ens ställa upp kandidater i republikanska valkretsar. Men nu, efter Hillary Clintons katastrofala förlust så håller demokratiska gräsrötter på att bryta sig loss från partiet och ställa upp självfinansierade kandidater i mängder med valkretsar som partiets centralorganisation självt inte vill ställa upp i.

David Weigel och Michael skriver i Washington Post:

The 2018 midterms are fast approaching. First up: Primary fights for both parties’ future.

Long before voters decide in November who will control the House, the Senate and 36 governor’s seats across the country, the most wide-open primary season in decades will plunge the nation’s two major political parties into historic battles over who they are.

The long-anticipated 2018 midterm elections are rapidly approaching — a referendum on President Trump and the GOP majority, and a gauge of Americans’ expectations of government. But first the parties and their voters must chart a course through their nominating contests.
Races that Democrats once left uncontested are now brimming with candidates. Races in which Republicans had hoped to clear the field have grown crowded. And the power of national parties on both sides to moderate the conflicts remains low, as populist passions roil both the liberal and conservative grass roots.
The sheer, historic volume of candidates, particularly among Democrats, tells part of the tale. The surge is most apparent in contests for the House of Representatives, where, through the end of September, 455 Democratic challengers had already registered with the Federal Election Commission — more than twice as many than at any other point in the last 15 years, according to an analysis by the Campaign Finance Institute. By comparison, only 111 Republican challengers had filed to raise money.

Det här är mycket positivt och betyder att Hillary Clintons ens om hon skulle försöka, inte kan sabba partiets chanser i årets kongressval.

På sikt kanske den här utvecklingen också kan leda till att de två gamla sklerotiska partierna helt enkelt försvinner och ersätts av nya partier.

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