Kryptovalutor, Stellar blockchain och MobileCoin, kan Moxie Marlinspike göra Bitcoin enklare att använda?

Moxie Marlinspike från ett tidigare framträdande.

De första Bitcoin-entusiasterna kämpade för att kryptovalutor skulle bli lika lätta att använda som e-post. Trots Satoshi Nakamotos banbrytande intentioner så blev det inte så. Ingen använder idag Bitcoin för att handla Pizza eller ens flyg eller biobiljetter. Kryptovalutor är oerhört komplicerade att använda och ingen verkar vara intresserade av att förenkla systemet.

Utom den världskände San Francoisco-baserade hackaren och kryptoexperten Moxie Marlinspike som blev världsberömd för att ha skapat Signal, det kanske enda säkra chatt-systemet i världen.

Lily Newman skriver i Wired Magazine: The Creator of Signal Has a Plan to Fix Cryptocurrency

In the early bitcoin years, proponents promised that you would soon be able to pay for anything and everything with cryptocurrency. Order pizza! Buy Etsy trinkets! Use a bitcoin ATM! While PayPal had existed for more than a decade, frictionless, social payment platforms like Venmo were just first taking off, and cryptocurrency seemed like a legitimate way for digital transactions to evolve.

It didn’t happen. Cryptocurrency remains confusing and challenging for the average person to acquire and manage, much less sell. And the protocols that underlie bitcoin and other mainstream cryptocurrencies like ethereum suffer significant scalability and transaction bottleneck issues. Visa currently processes about 3,674 transactions per second; the best bitcoin network might be able to process seven per second.

But now the creator of the dead simple end-to-end encrypted messaging app Signal, Moxie Marlinspike, is on a mission to overcome those limitations, and to create a streamlined digital currency that’s private, easy-to-use, and allows for quick transactions from any device. And while it may feel like the last thing the world needs is yet another cryptocurrency, Marlinspike’s track record with Signal—and the organization behind it, Open Whisper Systems—makes this a project worth watching.
Coin Toss

The currency Marlinspike has been working on as technical advisor for the last four months, alongside technologist Joshua Goldbard, is MobileCoin. The two based it on the open-source Stellar Consensus Protocols platform, an alternative payment network that underlies systems like an inter-bank payment network run by IBM in the South Pacific, and the low-fee international money transfer service Tempo in Europe.


MobileCoin wants to leverage an extensive architecture to add simplicity to real privacy protections and resilience against attacks. The ultimate goal: To make MobileCoin as intuitive as any other payment system.

Vi kan bara hoppa att Moxie Marlinspike kommer att lyckas.

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