Hur Blockkedjan och kryptovalutorna lockar till sig politiska idealister och extremister.

Blockkedjan och kryptovalutor som Bitcoin har länge lockat politiska idealister som ser möjligheten att skapa ett bättre samhälle utan giriga banker och med toppmoderna handelssystem utan mellanhänder. Men som Josh Hall skriver i en kommentar i Brittiska Guardian med anledning av den stora Unchain-konferensen i Hamburg i maj-juni i år så har den nya teknologin också locka till sig politiska högerextremister från tyska AfD till amerikanska högergrupper.

Josh Hall kommenterar i brittiska Guardian: Blockchain could reshape our world – and the far right is one step ahead Josh Hall

The rise of the AfD has caused deep soul-searching in Germany. But outside of the country’s borders, Weidel’s invitation to the Unchain summit also poses questions for the nascent blockchain community. On one side are those who believe that crypto technologies should be used to divert power away from states (particularly social democratic states) and into the hands of a righteous vanguard of rightwing libertarian hackers.

Some of these people are now in positions of significant power: Mick Mulvaney, the director of the US Office of Management and Budget, is a staunch bitcoin advocate and his appointment was warmly received by some crypto news publications. Mulvaney has previously addressed the John Birch Society, an extreme rightwing pressure group that was formed to root out communists during the cold war but that now specialises in part in Federal Reserve conspiracy theories – a popular theme on some bitcoin forums.

En inte helt oväntad utveckling kanske.

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