Som alla diktaturer gillar den den kinesiska regimen inte att folk skapar sociala nätverk, speciellt inte om dessa träffas i levande livet och dessutom skämtar och stojar.

Raymond Zhong, Paul Mozur och Iris Zhao skriver i New York Times: Horns Honk, and Censors in China Get a Headache

SHANGHAI — If you were driving in China recently, you might have gotten in trouble had you tried honking your car horn like this:



Beep, beep.

The pattern is a secret code of sorts for loyal users of two Chinese social media apps to identify themselves. Honk the signal while idling at a red light, and if you hear it in response, then you know a fellow fan is near.

This week, though, China’s top media regulator closed one of those apps. Officially, the app, Neihan Duanzi, was shut down for hosting “vulgar” jokes and videos. But it and another app, Douyin, which helps users make goofy music videos, have brought together legions of fans who make themselves known to one another in the real world.

På sikt kommer det här att bli ett problem för regimen eftersom dagens ungdom knappast kommer att nöja sig med att leva humorlösa liv och hylla sin ledare.

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