Mer detaljer – och allt fler skeptiker – om Obamas tredje fredsinitiativ i Mellanöstern

Ja trots att Barack Obama bara har varit president i litet mer än ett år så har han försökt, och misslyckats att få Netanyahu-regeringen med sig på ett genomgripande fredsinitiativ i Mellanöstern.

Obamas problem är att han verkar tro att Mellanöstern är som Chicago där han i sin ungdom jobbade som socialarbetare med att bygga allianser med olika grupperingar, som Kenneth T Walsh har skrivit om i US News: On the Streets of Chicago, a Candidate Comes of Age As a community organizer, Obama was a pragmatic leader

As a community organizer in the Altgeld Gardens public housing project in the mid-1980s, Obama, then 23, quickly emerged as a tireless and pragmatic advocate for the community—traits that characterize the kind of president he says he wants to be. “His work as a community organizer was really a defining moment in his life, not just his career,” his wife, Michelle, told U.S. News. It helped him decide “how he would impact the world”—assisting people in defining their mutual interests and working together to improve their lives.

Men hur framgångsrik han än var i Chicago så är Mellanöstern och dess superbuse Binjamin Netanyahu något helt annat än de smågangstrar från Chicago som Obama är van vid.

Men han ger inte upp i första taget och efter att ha förlorat i två spektakulära raka sätt så försöker Obama nu alltså en tredje gång.

Isabel Kershner skriver i New York Times om Obamas senaste initiativ: Netanyahu Travels to Egypt for Indirect Talks – NYTimes.com

The talks, expected in days, will be the first in more than a year. But the atmosphere in the region was hardly enthusiastic, with Israeli officials expressing skepticism about the prospects of a breakthrough and Palestinian officials warning Israel against taking any steps that could torpedo the talks. The so-called proximity talks, to be brokered by the American envoy, George J. Mitchell, were delayed in March after the Israeli government announced plans for new Jewish housing in contested East Jerusalem. .. But the Palestinians insist that there will be no resumption of direct talks without a complete settlement construction freeze by Israel, including any additional Jewish housing in East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians claim as their future capital. Israel is committed to a partial freeze in the West Bank settlements until late September, but refuses to include East Jerusalem, where it claims sovereignty.

Tony Karon speglar den massiva skepticismen i USA över Obamas tredje försök: Little Optimism in Israeli-Palestinian Final-Status Talks – TIME

The Israeli leadership does not believe a final agreement is possible now, not only because of differences between the two sides on issues such as Jerusalem, settlements and the rights of Palestinian refugees but also because they recognize that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has too little political authority to sell any agreement to his people.

Reuters skriver i New York Times om Obama, Netanyahu Want Direct Peace Talks Soon – White House – NYTimes.com

“The president spoke late this morning with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu,” Gibbs said at his daily news briefing. “They discussed how best to work together to achieve comprehensive peace in the Middle East, in particular by making full use of substantive proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinians and transitioning to direct negotiations as soon as possible.” Gibbs said the two leaders also discussed regional challenges, and that Obama “reaffirmed his unshakable commitment” to the security of Israel. But many observers question whether the latest effort can succeed where years of diplomacy have failed.

Nadia Hijab & Jesse Rosenfeld skriver i Syria Comment om hur Netanyahu steg för steg befäster sina positioner på Västbanken och gör ett fritt Palestina omöjligt: Syria Comment » Archives » Iran, Syria, and US in War of Words as West Bank is Digested by Israel

New evidence indicates that the PA’s ambitious road-building program “heavily funded by the United States and Europe “is being used by Israel to facilitate settlement expansion….. many of the new roads facilitate Israeli settlement expansion and pave the way for the seizure of main West Bank highways for exclusive Israeli use. For decades Israel has carried out its own infrastructure projects in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. These include a segregated road network that, together with the separation wall Israel began building in 2002, divides Palestinian areas from each other while bringing the settlements “all of which are illegal under international law “closer to Israel. Now, armed with information from United Nations sources and their own research, Palestinian nongovernmental organizations are raising the alarm. Their evidence spotlights the extent to which PA road-building is facilitating the Israeli goal of annexing vast areas of the West Bank “making a viable Palestinian state impossible. ¦.