Hazarerna i Afghanistan och min dotter, globaliseringsexperten

Det är roligt när ens barn ärver några av ens egna intressen. Min dotter har utan tvekan ärvt mitt språkintresse och intresse för omvärlden.

Som liten studerade hon kinesiska på en lokal kinesisk skola. På senare år har hon studerat globala studier på Lunds Universitet. Hon har pluggat arabiska, arbetat med ensamkommande flyktingbarn och lärt sig att prara Dari med dom, något som sydsvenskan har uppmärksammat.

Resultatet av studierna har blivit en mastersavhandling om Hazarerna i krigets Afghanistan som finns att läsa på den här länken.

Human Security, Peacebuilding, and the Hazara Minority of Afghanistan: A study of the importance of improving the community security of marginalized groups in peacebuilding efforts in non-Western Societies

This thesis is focused on the lack of investment in the human security of the marginalized Hazara minority of Afghanistan. Human security is a relatively new concept over which there is considerable debate and this thesis presents a discussion of various debates regarding human security and peacekeeping before taking a firm stance in the debates, emphasizing the importance of investing in the human security of marginalized groups in non-Western societies. The case of the human security of the Hazara has never been researched before and this thesis therefore represents a unique case study.
This thesis finds that there are four clearly identifiable factors which have led to a lack of investment in the Hazara, namely: the inaccessibility of their native region, the Hazarajat, continued discrimination against them, the militarization of aid, and the top-down, donor-driven nature of aid in Afghanistan. The effects of this lack of investment manifest themselves both domestically within Afghanistan and internationally, with thousands of Hazaras emigrating to other countries, which emphasize the importance of a bottom-up human security approach to peacebuilding which involves an understanding of the socio-political situation on the ground.

Det var under några av hennes resor över USA och Atlanten som jag hittade Yvor Winters rörande dikt från 1954: At the San Francisco Airport

By Yvor Winters

To my daughter, 1954
This is the terminal: the light
Gives perfect vision, false and hard;
The metal glitters, deep and bright.
Great planes are waiting in the yard—
They are already in the night.

And you are here beside me, small,
Contained and fragile, and intent
On things that I but half recall—
Yet going whither you are bent.
I am the past, and that is all.

But you and I in part are one:
The frightened brain, the nervous will,
The knowledge of what must be done,
The passion to acquire the skill
To face that which you dare not shun.

The rain of matter upon sense
Destroys me momently. The score:
There comes what will come. The expense
Is what one thought, and something more—
One’s being and intelligence.

This is the terminal, the break.
Beyond this point, on lines of air,
You take the way that you must take;
And I remain in light and stare—
In light, and nothing else, awake.

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