Sensationellt: skiffergas och oljesand gör USA till världens största olje och gasproducent 2020!

Peak Oil till trots så finns det många okonventionella olje- och gaskällor som skiffergas och oljesand som redan 2020 kommer att göra USA till världens största olje- och gas-producent!

Just precis, det här är inte ett skämt och Guy Chacan skriver i Wall Street Journal om den synnerligen positiva utvecklingen, inte bara för USA: Big Oil Companies Are Shifting Their Focus Back to the West – WSJ.com

Big Oil is redrawing the energy map. For decades, [ the United States’] main stomping grounds were in the developing world—exotic locales like the Persian Gulf and the desert sands of North Africa, the Niger Delta and the Caspian Sea. But in recent years, that geographical focus has undergone a radical change.

Western energy giants are increasingly hunting for supplies in rich, developed countries—a shift that could have profound implications for the industry, global politics and consumers. Driving the change is the boom in unconventionals—the tough kinds of hydrocarbons like shale gas and oil sands that were once considered too difficult and expensive to extract and are now being exploited on an unprecedented scale from Australia to Canada. The U.S. is at the forefront of the unconventionals revolution.

By 2020, shale sources will make up about a third of total U.S. oil and gas production, according to PFC Energy, a Washington-based consultancy.

By that time, the U.S. will be the top global oil and gas producer, surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia, PFC predicts. That could have far-reaching ramifications for the politics of oil, potentially shifting power away from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries toward the Western hemisphere. With more crude being produced in North America, there’s less likelihood of Middle Eastern politics causing supply shocks that drive up gasoline prices. Consumers could also benefit from lower electricity prices, as power plants switch from coal to cheap and plentiful natural gas.

Den här utvecklingen kommer givetvis att påverka USA:s utrikespolitik. Det kommer att minskas OPEC:s inflytande och om USA samtidigt införa energisparande åtgärder så skulle landet på sikt kunna bli oberoende av utländska energikällor. Och det skulle i sin tur göra den amerikanska utrikespolitiken betydligt mindre krigisk.

Axplock från den nordiska pressen:
SvD – Senaste nytt

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