X47B, Pentagon fokuserar på datoriserade drönare, kapprustningen intensifierar

USA:s försvarsminister Leon Panetta, från Silicon Valley, till vänster och chefen för USA:s militärstab . Martin E. Dempsey till vänster. Posten som ÖB hålls av presidenten.

USA:s försvarsminister Leon Panetta har lagt fram sin budget och som Wall Street Journals Adam Entous, Julian E. Barnes och Siobhan Gorman skriver så skär president Obama nu försiktigt ner de konventionella amerikanska stridskrafterna för att istället satsa på avancerade drönare, kommandosoldater och hemliga baser utomlands: Military Prepares Realignment: More Drones, Special Forces – WSJ.com

The plan, to be unveiled by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday and in budget documents next month, calls for a 30% increase in the U.S. fleet of armed unmanned aircraft in the coming years, defense officials said. It also foresees the deployment of more special-operations teams at a growing number of small “lily pad” bases across the globe where they can mentor local allies and launch missions. …The strategy reflects the Obama administration’s increasing focus on small, secret operations in place of larger wars. The shift follows the U.S. troop pullout from Iraq in December, and comes alongside the gradual U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, where a troop-intensive strategy is giving way to an emphasis on training Afghan forces and on hunt-and-kill missions. Defense officials said the U.S. Army plans to eliminate at least eight brigades while reducing the size of the active duty Army from 570,000 to 490,000, cuts that are likely to hit armored and heavy infantry units the hardest.

Los Angeles Times W.j. Hennigan skriver om Pentagon nu satsar på förarlösa bombplan som Northrop Grummans X-47B ett bombplan som kan landa på hangarfartyg och utföra bombräder helt utan besättning: New drone has no pilot anywhere, so who’s accountable? – latimes.com

The Navy’s new drone being tested near Chesapeake Bay stretches the boundaries of technology: It’s designed to land on the deck of an aircraft carrier, one of aviation’s most difficult maneuvers. What’s even more remarkable is that it will do that not only without a pilot in the cockpit, but without a pilot at all. The X-47B marks a paradigm shift in warfare, one that is likely to have far-reaching consequences. With the drone’s ability to be flown autonomously by onboard computers, it could usher in an era when death and destruction can be dealt by machines operating semi-independently.

Just nu sker en intensiv kapprustning om den nya drönarteknologin mellan USA, Kina, Ryssland, Iran och andra länder. Det här påminner mycket om kapprustningen kring stridsvagnsteknologin, det strategiska bombflyget och jetplanet i upprinnelsen till Andra Världskriget.

Journalister som W.j. Hennigan påpekar att den amerikanska satsningen på automatiserade drönarna medför allvarliga etiska konsekvenser. President Obama har t.ex. dödat tusentals människor i Afghanistan och Pakistan i drönarattacker, många av dom civila. Vem är ansvarig?

Med drönare behöver presidenten inte heller be kongressen om lov innan han går till angrepp.

En helt ny form av evigt krig hägrar, med små insatser mot misshagliga individer var dom än befinner sig i världen.

Inte en speciellt positiv framtidsvision, även om massdöd som under Första och Andra Världskriget förhoppningsvis blir mindre troligt.

Länkar: Pentagons Hemsida

Axplock från den nordiska pressen:

SvD – Senaste nytt,
SvD – Utrikes, Sydsvenskan – Nyhetsdygnet

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One thought on “X47B, Pentagon fokuserar på datoriserade drönare, kapprustningen intensifierar

  1. Marcin


    Most people see drones as a controversial weapon prowling over foreign battlegrounds. But as America’s military campaigns wind down, these machines are coming home and set to change civilian lives forever.

    “This is a powerful technology. No amount of hand-wringing is going to stop it”, says drone expert, Peter Singer. Whether it’s a floating TV station streaming live to the web, the prying lens of the paparazzi, the police chasing a criminal or a government agency spying, small domestic drones are experiencing an exponential growth. At the world’s largest drone convention in Las Vegas a salesman tells the crowd, “this can be used in law enforcement, disaster relief and industrial applications. It’s also very good at dusting floors. Every home owner should have one”. And as the technology advances at a frightening speed, anyone with a few hundred dollars can buy one over the counter. These hobby drones can fly for miles and provide sharp video feedback to the pilot. “I wouldn’t cheat on your wife!”, laughs columnist Charles Krauthammer. But jokes aside, there are real fears over the “political, legal and ethical issues that play out with this”, argues Singer. In 3 years time an order from the US congress will see tens of thousands of drones legally occupy an already crowded sky, raising numerous questions about basic safety, terrorism and civil liberty. As companies rush to cash in on this new billion dollar industry, experts warn, “we’re not ready for this”.

    ABC Australia

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