Pappan som skrev ut en fungerande hand till sin son på en billig 3D-skrivare!

3D-skrivare kommer att bli stora nästa år när bl.a. HP kommer att ge sig in på marknaden med ett antal 3D-skrivare. Men redan idag kan hoobbyister göra märkliga saker med billiga 3D-skrivare.

Nick Mangione skriver på MSN news:
This awesome dad 3-D printed a prosthetic hand for his son

3-D printers are one of the coolest pieces of technology available. Part of what makes them so cool is how easily they can improve someone’s life. Paul McCarthy was looking for an inexpensive but functional prosthetic hand for his son Leon. Leon was born without fingers on his left hand. Paul found a video online about a prosthetic hand that anyone could make with a 3-D printer, based on a design by Washington state inventor Ivan Owen. Now Leon proudly calls himself a cyborg as he shows off his functioning robotic hand. The coolest part: It didn’t even cost that much. After spending around $2000 on the printer, materials only cost about $10 — much less than the tens of thousands a prosthesis would cost. — By Nick Mangione

Bättre än så kan det knappast bli.