Magnifikt, måste ses: Google Night Walk in Marseille

Innovation består ofta i att använda dagens teknologi på innovativa sätt. Som Googles magnifika Nightwalk in Marseille, på den här länken som är producerad tillsammans med Promenades Sonores.

Nick Summers skriver på The Next Web: Google Night Walk is an immersive tour of Marseille with Street View photos and an audio guide

In a new project called Google Night Walk, the company has created an immersive tour through Cours Julien, a neighbourhood of Marseille, France. Just like an audio guide in a museum, narrators Julie and Christophe lead you across the city and point out places of interest. It’s immersive and educational, explaining the history and context behind Marseille’s landmarks.
“The walk itself is augmented via the Google Knowledge Graph, which adds contextual data and information pulled from the vast semantic database at our disposal,” the company says.

En verkligen inspirerande produktion som visar hur Google Street View kan användas.


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