Svenska brudar i Beijing: 中关村, Zhongguancun Beijings Silicon Valley


Elektornikaffär i Zhongguancun


Den kinesiska IT-industrin är redan en av värdens största och när min dotter som bor och arbetar i Beijing besökte Zhongguancun, som är Beijings motsvarighet till Silicon Valley så var var intresserad av hennes intryck.

Precis som i Silicon Valley så är grundvalen för såna här toppmoderna teknikparker närheten till toppuniversitet.

Och här i Beijing är det Tsinghua Kinas MIT, och Beijing Universitet som ligger alldeles inpå knutarna.

Sen kommer mängder med IT-företag, både västerländska och givetvis kinesiska. Bland de västerländska märks Google, Intel, AMD, Oracle, och Microsoft, för att bara nämna några av de mest kända.

Och som i Silicon Valley så finns det också elektronikaffärer, se den första bilden.

Paul Mozur skrev om Zhongguancun i Wall Street Journal i december: Inside China’s Version of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, Investors Rub Elbows in Beijing’s Zhongguancun District

Though China has several startup hubs, investment capital is focused around Zhongguancun, which is near prestigious schools such as Tsinghua University and has become the home of established Chinese Internet players like Sina Corp. and Youku Tudou Inc. as well as the China offices of global companies like Google Inc.

On a recent Friday night, the Garage Cafe—a tech hangout accessible through a local hotel—was filled with would-be entrepreneurs working on projects ranging from three-dimensional imaging to specialized social networks and a business that auctions off celebrity lunches. Many will work late into the night, according to Su Di, who founded the cafe in 2010.

Featuring speedy servers, power strips that hang from the ceiling and an endless supply of coffee, Garage Cafe is open 24-hours a day. During Beijing’s bitter winters it becomes home to some of the developers, who aren’t above sleeping there for weeks. “If there’s a smell, I make them go clean up,” said Mr. Su.

Och Ashley Pagan har skrivit om Beijing’s Garage Café: Coffee and an Open Office for Startups (TCTV)

One of our stops: The Garage Café, a coffee shop where startup companies go to work on their projects. For the price of a cup of coffee (a little over 3 US dollars), teams can set up office for the day and have access to a library of reference books, job boards, and the venture capitalists that also frequent the space. With at least ten early-stage startups working in the café at any given time, the Garage Café has become a go-to place for entrepreneurs to meet, exchange ideas, and in a dozen instances since the café opened in April, find investors.

Joru Osawa har skrivit om de senaste IT-trenden i Kina: Startups That Merge Online and Offline Services Are Sweeping China

The two biggest Internet players in China–Alibaba and Tencent Holdings– are getting more aggressive in their efforts to connect their online services with China’s traditional retail and service sectors.

Both Alibaba and Tencent, a giant in online games and social networks, offer their own electronic payment systems that also handle mobile transactions, and they are looking for ways to get people to make mobile payments while shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, going to restaurants and movie theaters or using public transportation. In China, where traditional retailers and other offline services aren’t tech-savvy and don’t always provide the most convenient services, there is a lot of room for Alibaba and Tencent to step in and fill the void.

Och som jag redan har skrivit om så håller den kinesiska mikrobloggen Weibo nu på att börsintroduceras i USA, tätt följd av e-handelsgiganten Alibaba

Och kolla
Updated Dec 4, 2013 8:00 a.m. ET
Beijing’s Answer to Silicon Valley

Amid a crowded mass of electronic retail malls, fast-food joints and office buildings in northwest Beijing, China is nurturing a growing scene of tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in places such as cafes.

Mycket på gång på den kinesiska IT-marknaden just nu.

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