Alkoholen flödar på amerikanska universitet


Att alkoholen flödar på USA:s toppuniversitet är känt sedan decennier tillbaks. Men allteftersom attityder förändras så börjar man alltmer inse att alkohol går hand i hand med våldtäkt, som också plågar amerikanska universitet.

Abigail Jones och Alexander Nazaryan skriver i Newsweek: America’s Best and Drunkest

Pong is more than a game at Dartmouth; it is a symbol, maybe the symbol of the school. It is a seductive relief valve on a campus where “Work hard, play hard” has become an unofficial motto. It is also a public health pestilence that, critics say, vanquishes both brain cells and intellectualism. Worse yet, it is at least partly responsible for what some say is an epidemic of binge drinking and sexual assault on campus.

Many think this is a national epidemic, a chronic problem we have ignored for a good half-century. If that is true, Dartmouth serves as a case study of what happens when 18-year-olds are suddenly endowed with all the beer and sexual freedom they could possibly want. It is the smallest and most remote of the eight Ivy League schools—respected, well known, the perfect microcosm for what challenges the success of American higher education.

Perhaps that’s why it’s been the subject of some brutal headlines over the last year: “Dartmouth in the Glare of Scrutiny on Drinking” (The New York Times); “Dartmouth vows to curb student misbehavior” (The Boston Globe); “How I Became an Alcoholic and Failed Out of Dartmouth” (Business Insider).

Nu är det här vad jag vet inte unikt för USA, men det är hög tid att det uppmärksammas.



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    1. Lennart

      San: Jo när min dotter studerade på Lunds universitet så blev hon förbluffar över hur mycket det dracks.

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