Silicon Valley brottas med kvinnoförakt och brist på jämställdhet


Oracle i Silicon Valley som inte har något med inlägget att göra.

Drömfabriken Silicon Valley håller på att förändras i takt med att dess ekonomiska inflytande växer. Nya IT-entreprenörer strömmar in från hela världen, oftast med en helt annan bakgrund och med helt olik värderingar än Silicon Valleys pionjärer.

Samtidigt förändras attityderna i USA och Silicon Valley. Vad som var acceptabelt för 20 år sen är inte längre OK.

Så sent som kring Y2K så spelade kvinnor en ytterst marginell roll Silicon Valley. Det håller nu på att förändras, vilket har lett till ett växande insikt om att grabbkulturen i Silicon Valley måste bort om det ska bli möjligt för kvinnor att spela en större roll inom den amerikanska IT-industrin.

Jonathan Krim skriver i Wall Street Journal: Will Silicon Valley Have Its NFL Moment? Sexist Behavior—Often Unchecked by Leaders—Remains Prevalent

This followed a more public episode, in which a New York tech worker divulged sexually aggressive emails from a European angel investor who saw her for the first time at a conference they both attended. The man first claimed his Gmail account had been hacked, but then another woman from the conference came forward with similar text messages. He later apologized and offered both women bouquets of flowers.

We cannot know the frequency of these and even more physical incidents, such as the misdemeanor domestic-abuse case against Gurbaksh Chahal that resulted in his firing as CEO of advertising-tech company RadiumOne. Given the extent to which men control financing and hiring opportunities in tech, women run enormous, long-term risks in reporting them.

Some see these problems getting worse as the sweep of technology across the economy emboldens a “brogrammer” culture of primarily male engineers, entrepreneurs and funders. Others believe we’re seeing at least small signs of progress, from midsized firms beefing up their HR standards, to large companies reporting their diversity numbers (still few women, especially in top management), to increased efforts to get more girls into computer science at earlier ages. A handful of Valley companies, most notably Google, have aggressive programs to find and promote women on the engineering side.



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