@_FloridaMan och det galna men mycket underhållande – fast på håll – Florida


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Det är litet svårt att förstå den svenska vurmen för Florida, men för er som är Floridafrälsta så finns det ett mycket underhållande Twitterflöde som beskriver Florida och dess innevånare på ett mycket underhållande sätt.

Lizette Alvarez skriver i New York Times: @_FloridaMan Beguiles With the Hapless and Harebrained

But recently there arrived a digital-era prototype, @_FloridaMan, a composite of Florida’s nuttiness unspooled, tweet by tweet, to the world at large. With pithy headlines and links to real news stories, @_FloridaMan offers up the “real-life stories of the world’s worst super hero,” as his Twitter bio proclaims.
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Florida Man Tries to Convince Woman to Buy, Cook, Eat Iguanas Duct-Taped to His Bike http://t.co/8lOo4ML3AY
— Florida Man (@_FloridaMan) March 20, 2015

His more than 1,600 tweets — equal parts ode and derision — are a favorite for weird-news aficionados. Yet, two years since his 2013 debut, the man behind the Twitter feed remains beguilingly anonymous, a Wizard of LOLZ. (The one false note is his zombielike avatar: The mug shot belongs to an Indiana Man.)

His style is deceptively simple. Nearly every Twitter message begins “Florida Man.” What follows, though, is almost always a pile of trouble. Some examples:

Florida Man Tries to Walk Out of Store With Chainsaw Stuffed Down His Pants.

Florida Man Falls Asleep During Sailboat Burglary With Gift Bag on His Head; Can’t Be Woken by Police.

Florida Man Arrested For Directing Traffic While Also Urinating.

Florida Man Impersonates Police Officer, Accidentally Pulls Over Real Police Officer.

Om någon känner till något liknande svenskt Twitterflöde så vore det roligt att få höra.

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