Zlot Buell, modern konst och de rikaste en procenten i Silicon Valley

SFMOMA  - Rothkos - San Francisco II

San Franciscos Moderna Museum.

Silicon Valley är IT och pengar, och när starupföretagen blir framgångsrika så vill deras VD:n också visa att dom inte bara är ingenjörer utan också har kultur. Kultur med stort K. Och eftersom dom har pengar pengar med Stort P så har dom också råd att köpa konst med Stort K.

Och när dom ska köpa konst så måste dom givetvis ha rådgivare, och Silicon Valleys främsta rådgivare på konstområdet är Zlot Buell + Associates

Economist skriver om Zlot Buell: Artiquette. Mavens and manners for the art collectors of Silicon Valley

Like a law firm, Zlot Buell works with some clients on retainer and others on a combination of commission and hourly billings. The pair counsels old and new money in the Bay area. Ms Zlot looks after the private and corporate collections of Charles Schwab, founder of the investment firm and chairman of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s (SF MoMA) board of trustees. Another client is George Roberts, the R in KKR, whose personal collection focuses on Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Willem de Kooning, Cy Twombly and Jasper Johns. Ms Buell works with younger clients, such as Lucy and Larry Page (CEO of Google), Kaitlyn Trigger and Mike Krieger (co-founder of Instagram) and Alison and Mark Pincus (she is co-founder of One Kings Lane, an online marketplace; he is the co-founder of Zynga, a social-gaming company).

The advisers specialise in positioning their clients to get the highest-quality works at a discount, typically between 10% and 20%. Quality is vital. When an artist sells works for the first time, all the paintings in a particular size tend to be priced the same. But when these works are resold at auction, the strongest painting could fetch three times as much as the weakest. Good manners are also important. In order to be first in line for an offering of new art works, Zlot Buell coaches its clients in art-world behaviour. For example, if collectors decide to sell a work of art, they need to give first right of refusal to the dealer who sold it to them.

San Francisco är också hem till SFMOMA,ett av världens främsta konstmuseer, i alla fall för modern konst. Som är värt ett besök av alla San Franciscoturister.


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