Drone racing, drönartävlingar allt populärare bland kidsen

Datorspelare kan idag få sportvisum till USA och ni i ett tecken på att drönarna håller på att etablera sig i samhället och inte bara på slagfältet så håller drönartävlingar på att bli allt populärare i USA.

Erik Olsen skriver i New York Times: Gentlemen, Start Your Drones

The pilots are in the forefront of the nascent but growing sport of drone racing, which, in just over a year, has spiraled from scattered handfuls of hobbyists to a promising new competition. Race organizers are hailing the potential for televised races and significant financial purses.

“We see this as the future,” said Charles Zablan, the chief operating officer of the International Drone Racing Association, a league of more than 500 members, based in Los Angeles, that was created in April. “This can be just like the X Games, motocross racing and Red Bull air racing.”

What the sport needs most at this stage is money, and in the last few months it has started to flow. In August, another organization, the Drone Racing League, announced a $1 million investment from the Miami Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross through his investment arm RSE Ventures. The league’s chief executive, Nicholas Horbaczewski, would not reveal its plans, but he acknowledged reports that described races similar to video-game competitions held in large arenas. Horbaczewski said the company’s first major event would be in early 2016.

Jag är säker på att drönartävlingar även kommer att bli stora i Sverige. Är det någon som har koll på det?


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