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NICK CORASANITI skriver i New York Times: Bernie Sanders, and Simon and Garfunkel, Put Focus on Voters

Hope and inclusiveness. In effect, the ad takes the microphone out of the candidate’s hand and turns it around: His campaign, it signals, is about the people who are supporting him.

Children and young adults are the main focus, all of them with much to look forward to; the ad’s tagline promises them “a future to believe in.” (Still, older women — possibly the strongest demographic of his chief rival, Hillary Clinton — might well be moved by the music of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, both 74, the same age as Mr. Sanders.)

Minorities are given prominence, presumably to address Mr. Sanders’s difficulties in attracting support among blacks and Hispanics.

Så nära Barack Obamas mästerliga kampanjvideon man kan komma. Samtidigt kommer nya rapporter om att Clinton skulle ha haft klassificerade dokument på sin privata webbserver medan hon vad utrikesminister.

Dramatiken ökar.


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