San Franciscos robotrestaurang Eatsa pekar mot en robotiserad framtid

Att man förr eller senare skulle robotisera restaurangnäringen och att det skulle ske i San Francisco med Eatsa som startade förra året kommer knappast som någon större överraskning. Lika litet som att restaurangen ännu inte är fullt robotiserad.

Julia Carrie Wong skriver i brittiska The Observer: Welcome to the robot-based workforce: will your job become automated too? From waitstaff to care companions and legal researchers, the future of the machine worker is here. But where does that leave humans

At San Francisco’s first fully automated restaurant, meals appear in little glass cubbies, just 90 seconds after customers order and pay on wall-mounted iPads. It’s a human-less experience – no waitstaff, no cashier, no one to get your order wrong and no one to tip.

It’s also a parlor trick.

The moment before the meal appears, the see-through display screen that fronts the cubbies goes black for the few seconds when you might catch sight of the hand that feeds you.
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Eatsa has not yet achieved total automation. The company admits it employs a small kitchen staff, and one employee is present in the front of the house, answering questions about how to order and dodging questions about what’s going on behind the wall of magic cubbies. (“Whatever you imagine,” he teases.)

But the restaurant, which opened in August and has already expanded to Los Angeles, offers a glimpse of a fast-approaching reality, where whole categories of tasks that were once the exclusive province of humans can be accomplished quicker, cheaper, and more reliably by machines.

The future is here, and no one’s job is safe.

Nu finns det ingen risk för att alla restauranger eller ens ett mindre antal, kommer att robotiseras inom den närmaste framtiden. Men en liten klocka klämtar trots det och visar vägen till en framtid där allt fler jobb robotiseras.


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