Allas ögon på Apple när FBI nu har en bakdörr in i iPhone



Striden mellan FBI och Apple kommer att definiera USA och EU i generationer framöver. Trots att Apples VD Tim Cook uppenbarligen trodde att Apples kryptoteknologi var stark nog att motstå FBIs försök att bryta sig in i iPhone och skapa en bakdörr.

När FBI nu har lyckats, med hjälp från det israeliska företaget Cellebrite, så riktas allas ögon på Apple för att se om företaget kan reparera skadan och täppa till FBIs bakdörr.

Det faktum att FBI vägrar att berätta för Apple hur man bröt sig in visar hur förpestad stämningen har blivit mellan Silicon Valley och Obama-regeringen.

Katie Benner, John Markoff och Nicole Perlroth skriver i New York Times:
Apple’s New Challenge: Learning How the U.S. Cracked Its iPhone

The challenges start with the lack of information about the method that the law enforcement authorities, with the aid of a third party, used to break into the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, an attacker in the San Bernardino rampage last year. Federal officials have refused to identify the person, or organization, who helped crack the device, and have declined to specify the procedure used to open the iPhone. Apple also cannot obtain the device to reverse-engineer the problem, the way it would in other hacking situations.

Making matters trickier, Apple’s security operation has been in flux. The operation was reorganized late last year. A manager who had been responsible for handling most of the government’s data extraction requests left the team to work in a different part of the company, according to four current and former Apple employees, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the changes. Other employees, among them one whose tasks included trying to hack Apple’s own products, left the company over the last few months, they said, while new people have joined.

The situation is in many ways a continuation of the cat-and-mouse game Apple is constantly engaged in with hackers, but the unusually prominent nature of this hacking — and the fact that the hacker was the United States government — creates a predicament for the company.

Ingen vet hur den här existentiella striden kommer att sluta, bara att det amerikanska samhället steg för steg kommer att bli mindre fritt.


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