Sunspring, Artificial Intelligence skapar filmmanus, är den helautomatiserade filmen här?

Hollywoodfilmerna har alltmer börjat använda datorstyrda grafiska effekter. Men hittills så har manus skrivits av människor. Den tiden kan komma att närma sig sitt slut, i alla fall om man får tro ett av de första experimenten med AI-skrivna manus.

Annalee Newitz skriver på Ars Technica: Movie written by algorithm turns out to be hilarious and intense
For Sunspring’s exclusive debut on Ars, we talked to the filmmakers about collaborating with an AI

Knowing that an AI wrote Sunspring makes the movie more fun to watch, especially once you know how the cast and crew put it together. Director Oscar Sharp made the movie for Sci-Fi London, an annual film festival that includes the 48-Hour Film Challenge, where contestants are given a set of prompts (mostly props and lines) that have to appear in a movie they make over the next two days. Sharp’s longtime collaborator, Ross Goodwin, is an AI researcher at New York University, and he supplied the movie’s AI writer, initially called Jetson.

As the cast gathered around a tiny printer, Benjamin spat out the screenplay, complete with almost impossible stage directions like “He is standing in the stars and sitting on the floor.” Then Sharp randomly assigned roles to the actors in the room.

Robotarna invaderar Hollywood.


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