Sex och amerikanska universitet: sexuella trakasserier på Berkeley

UC Berkeley

Man skulle ha trott att de stora universiteten i USA skulle vara immuna mot sexuella trakasserier, men så är det inte. Som vi har kunnat se på ett uppmärksammat våldtäktsmål på Stanforduniversitetet här i Silicon Valley och nu senast på en serie fall av sexuella trakasserier på Berkeley-universitetet, det andra stora universitetet här i Silicon Valley.

Sam Levin UC Berkeley head resigns after criticism over response to sexual harassment. Chancellor Nicholas Dirks is the latest high-profile administrator to step down at the elite college, which has been at the center of several scandals

Nicholas Dirks, chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley, announced his resignation on Tuesday, the latest high-profile administrator to step down at the elite college that has been plagued by repeated sexual harassment scandals.

Dirks has faced backlash for his administration’s handling of harassment cases involving powerful faculty at the state’s most prestigious public university. He wrote in a campus-wide letter that it was a “personal decision that the time is right for me to step aside and allow someone else to take up the financial and institutional challenges ahead of us”.

Dirks briefly addressed the ongoing sexual misconduct controversies in his note, saying that during his time as chancellor, “we have begun to address growing concerns around sexual assault, violence, and harassment on campus”.

Mycket tragiskt och samtidigt kanske inte så märkligt trots allt.