Svenska Alliansen och USA:s skandalösa privatfängelser

När den svenska USA_fixerade Alliansen kommer tillbaks om två år så kommer det inte bara att handla om misskötta privatiserade äldreboenden, järnvägar och skolor. Nattväktarstaten kommer att bli ett faktum. Alla pengar till de rikaste en procenten! Allt mellan himmel och jord kommer, får vi anta, att privatiseras, däribland fängelser. Och hur det kommer att gå gå vet vi redan för den som är intresserad.

New York Times skriver på ledarplats: First Step in Shutting Private Prisons

The Justice Department instructed the Bureau of Prisons on Thursday to start phasing out the use of private detention facilities, a watershed step that should be the beginning of the end of an industry that has had an insidious effect on the American justice system.


Private prisons became an important part of America’s corrections system starting in the 1980s, as tough sentencing guidelines adopted in response to a sharp rise in drug-fueled violent crime drove up the population of inmates and the cost of housing them. Over the years, a handful of companies made handsome profits from warehousing people as cheaply as possible. The top two private prison companies had $3.3 billion in revenue in 2014, an increase from $1.9 billion in 2006.

While privately run detention facilities were once seen as a fiscally responsible alternative, there’s now growing acknowledgment that they are a national shame. They are notoriously violent and dysfunctional, operating even more opaquely than state-run facilities, while paying miserable wages. The Justice Department inspector general reported this month that private prisons had higher rates of assaults and contraband than regular ones.

En pekpinne för privatiseringsentusiasterna i Sverige.


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