Hur papperslösa i Hongkong gömde Edward Snowden från CIA

Hur lyckades Edward Snowden gömma sig från CIA, NSA, FBI och alla andra amerikanska och utländska underrättelsetjänster som febrilt letade efter honom i HongKong?

Bland Hong Kongs papperslösa! Sönke Iwersen skriver på Handelsblatt: Edward Snowden’s Guardian Angels

Shortly after Mr. Snowden’s television bombshell, Mr. Greenwald received a call from a long-time aquaintance. The man warned the journalist the entire world would soon be looking for Mr. Snowden. The American needed a lawyer, and fast, his friend told him. Mr. Greenwald’s reader knew two of the best human rights lawyers in Hong Kong: Robert Tibbo and Jonathan Mann….
Nadeeka didn’t recognize Edward Snowden when she met him. The young man was standing in front of her apartment door, wearing a baseball cap and carrying a blue plastic bag. Robert Tibbo stood beside him. The attorney, to whom Nadeeka owed her freedom in Hong Kong, had called a short time earlier. There was someone who needed protection, he said, and asked Nadeeka to help.

That night, Mr. Snowden slept where Nadeeka and her daughter usually sleep, on an old mattress in a 100-square-foot room with bare concrete walls. Nadeeka and her daughter Sethumdi slept in the hallway.

En rafflande historia. Läs!