USA-valet, Clintons lunginflammation, enormt tryck på Hillary Clinton att öppna upp om sin hälsa

Den största omedelbara skadan för Hillary Clinton efter hennes kollaps i helgen handlar inte om hennes lunginflammation utan om hennes försök att dölja att hon överhuvudtaget var sjuk. Något som är precis varför så många amerikaner ogillar henne och hennes man. Dom har en lång historia av att ljuga och undvika sanningen. Och det i sin tur har lett till att hon inte ligger bättre till mot Donald Trump.

Men lunginflammation är ingenting att leka med och trots att hon inte verkar vara akut sjuk så kommer det att ta tid för den 68:åriga Clinton att återhämta sig så att hon orkar med den brutala kampanjaktiviteten som hon måste klara av. Och om två veckor måste hon visa upp sig för det amerikanska folket i den första tevedebatten. Och om hon inte skulle klara av det så är det slut.

Donald G. McNeil Jr. skriver i New York Times What Pneumonia Experts Say About Clinton’s Case

Mrs. Clinton’s doctor released a statement saying she had been diagnosed on Friday morning and was advised to “rest and modify her schedule.” Her team has released very little information about her condition: exactly how it was diagnosed, what antibiotics she is taking, the results of any blood work, chest X-ray or other diagnostic tests that may have been performed, or whether she has any underlying condition that made her vulnerable to the illness. On Monday, a campaign spokesman said more medical information would be released this week and that those records would show she had “no other undisclosed condition.”

As a result, doctors asked about her case said they could only speculate.

Amy Chozick skriver i New York Times: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign to Release More Information on Her Health

Hillary Clinton’s campaign, responding to enormous political pressure after she had to be helped into a van on Sunday — and after waiting hours before explaining that she was suffering from pneumonia — said Monday that it would release more medical information about her this week.

A spokesman, Brian Fallon, said on MSNBC that the campaign was working with Mrs. Clinton’s doctor on a fuller release of medical information, and that those records would show she had “no other undisclosed condition.”

The campaign’s shift — it has until now resisted requests for the more comprehensive discussion of her medical history that is traditional for presidential nominees — came after Mrs. Clinton was videotaped being helped into a van by Secret Service agents on Sunday, her feet dragging on the ground, while departing early from the Sept. 11 anniversary ceremony in Lower Manhattan.

The manner in which Mrs. Clinton’s illness became public revived concerns among supporters and criticism among her detractors about her seemingly reflexive tendency to hunker down and hoard information, often citing a “zone of privacy,” when she senses a possible political threat.

Mrs. Clinton had actually been given a diagnosis of pneumonia on Friday morning. But she said nothing about it late Friday, when she eagerly told reporters about her plans to defeat the Islamic State, called for a rethinking of the Obama administration’s approach to North Korea and ridiculed Donald J. Trump’s praise for the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin.

Pressklipp: DN,SvD