Aleppo, Ukraina, cyberattacker, hot i Östersjön, Simon Tisdall lägger ut texten i the Guardian

Det nya Kalla Kriget som nu även syns i Östersjön, har ett antal helt nya komponenter, som cyberkrig, hybridkrig och nya vapensystem, men också nya styrkeförhållanden och ett USA som under president Obama inte har velat engagera sig för sina traditionella allierade och strategiska intressen.

Simon Tisdall skriver i The Guardian: Aleppo, Ukraine, cyber attacks, Baltic threats: what should we do about Putin?
As crises mount, relations between the US and Russia are worse than at any time since the cold war

Just in case Washington had not understood how serious Russia was, officials also declared Putin was considering reopening military bases in Cuba and Vietnam. It is hard to think of a more defiant, taunting message to the Obama administration than conjuring the spectre of a new Cuban missile crisis.

Demonstrating that Moscow has other strategic partnerships that could be turned against Washington, Russian ships joined military exercises with China around the disputed South China Sea islands. It is also busily building up alliances with emerging powers such as South Africa and India, notably at this weekend’s Brics summit in Goa, while courting traditional American allies such as Turkey and the Philippines.

Den amerikanska passiviteten kommer med stor säkerhet att brytas om Hillary Clinton nu blir president. Och den värld vi då kommer att befinna oss i kommer att se helt annorlunda ut än dagens, inte minst i Östersjön.