Fareed Zackaria om hur den liberala amerikanska demokratin är på väg att försvinna

Donald Trump och det republikanska partiet står för något helt nytt i USA:s historia, samtidigt som traditionella amerikanska institutioner som kongressen, media och tillgången till stabila jobb har försvagats i takt med att visstidsanställning och deltidsjobb blir allt vanligare och utlokaliseringar och robotar tar över allt fler arbetstillfällen.

Donald Trump är ett symptom till underliggande faktorer som inte kommer att försvinna, som Fareed Zackaria skriver i Washington Post:

Two decades ago, I wrote an essay in Foreign Affairs that described an unusual and worrying trend: the rise of illiberal democracy. Around the world, dictators were being deposed and elections were proliferating. But in many of the places where ballots were being counted, the rule of law, respect for minorities, freedom of the press and other such traditions were being ignored or abused. Today, I worry that we might be watching the rise of illiberal democracy in the United States — something that should concern anyone, Republican or Democrat, Donald Trump supporter or critic.

But we are now getting to see what American democracy looks like without any real buffers in the way of sheer populism and demagoguery. The parties have collapsed, Congress has caved, professional groups are largely toothless, the media have been rendered irrelevant. When I wrote a book about “illiberal democracy” in 2003, I noted that in polls, Americans showed greatest respect for the three most undemocratic institutions in the country: the Supreme Court, the Federal Reserve and the armed forces. Today, the first two have lost much of their luster, and only the latter remains broadly admired.