Gamla fabriksbyggnader i Brooklyn blir till nya med uppstartsföretag i hårdvarubranschen

Små tussilago kanske snart börjar spira i Rostbältet. Även om Brooklyn definitivt inte ligger i Rostbältet.

Steve Lohr skriver i New York Times: A Hardware Renaissance Grows in Brooklyn — and Elsewhere

StrongArm Technologies, a start-up company in Brooklyn, makes “ergo-skeletons” that look a bit like futuristic versions of the back support belts that warehouse workers often wear.

Sensors embedded in the devices monitor a worker’s movements, and artificial intelligence software uses that information to suggest rest, stretching or posture changes — an automated safety coach for preventing back injuries.

StrongArm, a fledgling outfit with just 20 employees, is one of a new wave of start-ups making all sorts of devices that offer a glimpse of the future for the manufacturing of high-tech hardware in America’s cities.

Vi ser samma sak i San Francisco där de gamla pirarna nu tas över av uppstartsföretag med toppmoderna IT-lösningar.