Inte Silicon Valley men nästan, Pittsburgh moderniserar

Av USA:s IT-städer är den gamla stålstaden Pittsburgh i Pennsylvania den mest intressanta. Precis som Silicon Valley har den ett berömt universitet i centrum, Carnegie Mellon University, som länge har varit ledande på AI-området. Så att Pittsburgh nu moderniserar kommer inte som någon större överraskning. Men är ändå positivt.

Steven Kurutz skriver i New York Times: Pittsburgh Gets a Tech Makeover

Because of the top students and research professors at Carnegie Mellon, tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Uber have opened offices here.

The big tech firms, along with their highly skilled, highly paid workers, have made Pittsburgh younger and more international and helped to transform once-derelict neighborhoods like Lawrenceville and East Liberty.

Indeed, East Liberty has become something of a tech hub, said Luis von Ahn, the co-founder and chief executive of Duolingo, a language-learning platform company with its headquarters in that neighborhood. Google Pittsburgh, with its more than 500 employees, also has part of its offices in East Liberty, as does AlphaLab, a start-up accelerator.

Ett universitet som även bör locka svenska studenter.