Donald Trumps USA: rösträtten inskränks till förmån för republikanerna

USA har aldrig haft proportionella val. Det har alltid varit möjligt för en presidentkandidat att vinna med en minoritet av rösterna. Något som George Bush D.Y. och Donald Trump har bevisat.

Men republikanerna har länge satsat på att inskränka den allmänna rösträtten i de stater där man har en sittande guvernör och lokal majoritet. Och den satsningen ökar nu dramatiskt under Trump.

Andrew Gumbel skriver i Guardian: Trump’s ‘election integrity’ group is waging war on the right to vote

he Trump presidency is opening up a new battlefront in the intense and controversial war over American voting rights. After a decade of wrangling between Democrats who have sought to expand voting opportunities and Republicans who have invoked the specter of voter fraud to restrict them, the focus is now on purging registration lists – even at the risk of kicking large numbers of eligible voters off the rolls.

Both Trump’s justice department and his newly formed Presidential Commission on Election Integrity are involved in broad data collection and new policy proposals to “clean up” the voter rolls in ways that critics fear will have a disproportionate impact on blacks, Latinos and newly naturalized citizens.
The justice department (DoJ) has also begun issuing legal opinions to support states that have passed restrictive new voting rules, even when they appear to contradict existing federal law. Voting rights activists say these efforts are kicking voter suppression into a higher gear at a time when federal courts are ruling that a flurry of strict new voter ID laws in several Republican-run states discriminate against minority voters and college students.

Demokraterna kommer allt mer att bli relegerade till en minoritetsstatus allt medan republikanerna befäster sin status som USA:s enda valbara parti. I alla fall på riksplanet.