Klimatpolitik i USA: Kalifornien mot Donald Trumps Washington

Vilka faktorer låg bakom SAS beslut att stoppa rökning på planen? Jo att om man inte gjorde det så fick man inte längre flyga på Kalifornien. Det var länge sen, men Kalifornien är fortfarande den mest miljömedvetna delstaten i USA, och står nu öga mot öga mot hunnerna i Donald Trumps Washington.

Hiroku Tabuchi skriver i New York Times: U.S. Climate Change
Policy: Made in California. A peculiar confluence of history, legal precedent and defiance has set the stage for a regulatory mutiny in California that would reverberate throughout the country.

But a peculiar confluence of history, legal precedent and regulatory defiance has given California unique authority to write its own air pollution rules. And because 12 other states now follow California’s standards, the state finds itself in an extraordinary position to stage a regulatory mutiny of sorts — with much of the country’s car market in tow.

“We’re standing firm. We’re prepared to sue. We’re prepared to do what we need to do,” Ms. Nichols said in a recent interview. “We aren’t going anywhere.”

At stake in the dispute between officials in Sacramento, the state capital, and Washington is a measure that the Obama administration estimated would eliminate as much as six billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions and save consumers more than $1 trillion at the pump over the lifetime of the cars affected.

Och drabbningen mellan klimatförnekarna i Washington och klimatpolitikerna i Kalifornien kommer att avgöra USA:s och kanske också världens framtid.