Andela utbildar afrikaner i IT och matchar dom med västerländska IT-företag

Med 81 miljoner i riskkapital är New York-baserade Andela en av Afrikas framgångssagor. Man lär IT-kunskaper till unga afrikaner som sen matchas med IT-företag i väst där dom kan jobba på distans. En modell som utan tvekan har framtiden för sig.

Etelka Lehoczky skriver i Inc Magazine: This Startup Trains African Programmers for the Best Software Developer Jobs in the World. Andela trains, and then employs, Africa’s young programmers

Two years ago, 26-year-old Eugene Mutai was unable to afford a university education, so the Kenyan worked low-paying jobs–including farming and driving a boda-boda, or motorcycle taxi–while teaching himself to write code.

Then, in 2015, he qualified for a fellowship with Andela, a startup that provides talented people from all over the continent with top-notch computer-science instruction. Now Mutai is studying more than 20 skills, from version control to project management, while earning the Kenyan equivalent of a middle-class salary. After a year of training, he’ll be matched with a U.S. or international company in need of a highly skilled tech worker. “What’s most important to me is the oppor­tunity to reach for higher and higher goals,” he says.

Det verkligt intressanta kommer sen när de nyblivna IT-proffsen startar eget i Afrika.