Våldtäkter, den kristna högern och Jesus i senatsvalet i Alabama

Republikanen Roy Moore som ställer upp i extravalet till Senaten i Alabama i December är
typisk för den amerikanska kristna högern. Han vill förbjuda abort samtidigt som hela fem kvinnor har anklagat honom är att att ha våldtagit dom när dom var minderåriga och han var i 30-årsåldern.

Men inga problem, det här är Alabama och Roy Moore vägrar att avgå samtidigt som han fortfarande har starkt stöd bland de vita kristna i Alabama som har försvarat honom med att det var så som Jesus blev till, genom att Josef våldtog Maria, och se hur bra det gick säger dom.

Litet våldtäkt skadar ingen i sydstaterna, ja i alla fall inga kvinnor, i alla fall inte enligt den Kristna Högern.

Sheryl Gay Stolberg skriver i New York Times: A Fifth Woman Accuses Senate Candidate Roy Moore of Sexual Misconduct

Mr. Moore, a judge who was twice removed from the state’s high court, first for refusing to remove the Ten Commandments from the Supreme Court grounds, then for refusing to accept gay marriage, responded defiantly. He showed no sign of leaving the race ahead of Alabama’s Dec. 12 special election date.

Republicans here and in Alabama have been up in arms over the accusations, published last week in The Washington Post, that Mr. Moore pursued sexual or romantic relationships with teenagers when he was in his 30s. The reports have upended a race in a state that has not elected a Democratic senator in 20 years.

And the issue shows no sign of quieting down. At 2:30 p.m. Monday, New York lawyer Gloria Allred, who has made her name by championing victims of sexual harassment, will publicly introduce a new woman accusing Mr. Moore of sexual impropriety.


In a fundraising appeal, Mr. Moore reached out to his supporters with the subject line: “Mitch McConnell’s plot to destroy me.”

“Apparently Mitch McConnell and the establishment GOP would rather elect a radical pro-abortion Democrat than a conservative Christian,” he went on.

Nicholas Kristof skriver i New York Times: God Should Sue Roy Moore

For decades, one of the most sanctimonious moralizers in American politics has been Roy Moore, the longtime Bible-thumper in Alabama who crusaded against gays, transgender people, Islam and “sexual perversion.”

Moore suggested just this year that the 9/11 terror attacks were God’s punishment because “we legitimize sodomy.” He has said that homosexuality is “the same thing” as sex with a cow and should be criminalized, and argued that Representative Keith Ellison should not be allowed to serve in Congress because he is a Muslim.

All the while, Moore seems to have been the king of hypocrisy. The Washington Post published a devastating account of how he initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old schoolgirl.

Säg inte att Alabama har förändrats sedan apartheid-eran. Sanningen är att skillnaden mellan Den Kristna Högern och de extrema mullorna i Iran är att Den Kristna Högern talar aningen bättre engelske än mullorna, inget annat.