Drönare levererar medicin i Rwanda

Att drönare kan användas till mycket är redan bekant. Som t.ex. att leverera medicin, som Aryn Baker skriver i Time Magazine: The American Drones Saving Lives in Rwanda

For all the talk of unmanned vehicles changing our lives in the West, they are already doing so in the east African nation of Rwanda. Zipline, a U.S. startup, has partnered with the Rwandan government to launch the world’s first commercial drone delivery service, ferrying vital medical supplies to its far-flung hospitals by air. Since December 2016, the company has dispatched more than 4000 units of blood products to 12 hospitals—red blood cells, platelets, and plasma that would have otherwise needed to travel by a treacherously tangled road network, losing precious hours in the race to save lives.

Nu kan man även ta drönar-examen i Sverige.

En mycket intressant och inte minst viktig teknologi.