Bitcoin exploderar i Sydkorea

Sydkorea har världens snabbaste bredband och det är därför kanske inte så underligt att man man också ligger i täten vad beträffar Bitcoin.

Su-Hyun Lee och Nathaniel Popper In South Korea, the Virtual Currency Boom Hits Home

In Japan, small-time speculators have swarmed to Bitcoin since the government there essentially legalized the virtual currency earlier this year and gave licenses to several exchanges. In the United States, the biggest Bitcoin brokerage, Coinbase, gained 300,000 new customers in a week, according to recent research reports.

But nowhere has the public frenzy been more feverish than in South Korea. It was on South Korean exchanges that the price of Bitcoin first hit $10,000 last Monday, hours before traders in the United States reached the same level of exuberance.

And last week, trading between the Korean currency, the won, and Ether, the most valuable Bitcoin competitor, was nearly as active as trading between the dollar and Ether — despite the fact that Korea’s population is one-sixth that of the United States. With some virtual currencies, like Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, the won accounts for more trading than the dollar, according to the site CryptoCompare.

Något som vi alla kan lära oss av. Bitcoin och krytpvalutor är framtidens fintech.