Kinas iFlyTek tar ledningen inom den globala AI-forskningen

AI är inte bara Silicon Valley eller ens USA. De flesta större länder har börjat satsa på AI, och ingen mer så än Kina. Som kommer att bli en allvarlig konkurrent till EU och USA.

Paul Mozur och Keith Bradsher skriver i New York Times: China’s A.I. Advances Help Its Tech Industry, and State Security

As China tests the frontiers of artificial intelligence, iFlyTek serves as a compelling example of both the country’s sci-fi ambitions and the technology’s darker dystopian possibilities.

The Chinese company uses sophisticated A.I. to power image and voice recognition systems that can help doctors with their diagnoses, aid teachers in grading tests and let drivers control their cars with their voices. Even some global companies are impressed: Delphi, a major American auto supplier, offers iFlyTek’s technology to carmakers in China, while Volkswagen plans to build the Chinese company’s speech recognition technology into many of its cars in China next year.

At the same time, iFlyTek hosts a laboratory to develop voice surveillance capabilities for China’s domestic security forces. In an October report, a human rights group said the company was helping the authorities compile a biometric voice database of Chinese citizens that could be used to track activists and others.

Det är rätt typiskt för hur nationalistisk den amerikanska pressen ofta kan vara när man varnar för att iFlyTek också förser den kinesiska staten med avlyssningsteknologi. Som om inte amerikanska AI-företag skulle förse den amerikanska staten med avancerad avlyssningsteknologi. Fråga Ed Snowden.