Bättre än en kriminalroman: rafflande Bitcoinhistoria i Hong Kong

Framtidens kriminalromaner kommer att handla om saker som de flesta av oss inte har en aning om. Som Zach Hines rafflande historia i Hongkong:
Zach Hines skriver i Endgadget:
My $200,000 bitcoin odyssey. How I recovered cryptocurrency from a broken laptop.

Mike called me earlier this year. “I have to tell you the truth, and this is a major mental block for me, but I may have totally lost my bitcoins.” He told me about the now dead laptop and the MultiBit fiasco. He spoke like he was in a confessional, cowed with shame and begging for forgiveness. The price of bitcoin at that time put Mike’s loss at about $180,000 and rising. He told me he was planning to fly to the offices of KeepKey, the new owners of the legacy MultiBit products, and … pray maybe? I told him to wait.

As I listened to his problem, I got it into my head that I could fix this for him, even though I wasn’t sure how. I knew a fair bit about how bitcoin wallets work, but I was certainly no expert. I guess I liked the tantalizing challenge — after all, bitcoin was skyrocketing, and we were approaching $200,000 of real stakes here. In short, it was worth a shot.

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