Donald Trump retar upp demokraterna inför 2018 års kongressval

Donald Trumps öppnar för starkt utökad oljeborrning i havet utanför USA och ett nytt krig mot den lagliga handeln av marijuana i Kalifornien. Två attacker som går stick i stäv med vad dagens unga amerikaner tycker och tänker. Något som knappast kommer att få demokraterna att strunta i kongressvalen senare i år.

James Hohmann skriver i San Francisco Chronicle: Trump administration angers vulnerable Republicans with offshore-drilling expansion and marijuana crackdown

Both moves are unpopular with voters, especially key people in places that are likely to determine whether the GOP holds the House. In practice, these two stories probably pose bigger challenges for the president’s party in the midterms than any book about White House dysfunction. A Gallup poll in October found that 64 percent of Americans want to legalize marijuana, including a 51 percent majority of Republicans. Support is also particularly strong among millennial voters who Democrats are trying to galvanize for the midterms.

Emily Alpert Reyes, Angel Jennings och Hailey Branson-Potts skriver i Los Angeles Times:
California’s pot world sees ‘reefer madness’ in Sessions’ assault on legal marijuana

For the steady stream of customers waiting to see a “budtender” Thursday at a Santa Ana pot store, U.S. Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions’ broadside against recreational pot was more a bummer than a buzzkill.

People were annoyed — but not terribly surprised that California, once again, would be going to battle in the cultural wars with the Trump administration.

“This is an attempt to take us back to the ’50s, where you’re a criminal if you use,” said Craig Burns, 66, who came up from Laguna Beach to buy pot at 420 Central dispensary. “But now, even somebody who follows their state’s law is a criminal. It’s going backwards.”

Customer Lyn Terry, a 45-year-old scientist, was more pointed, adding that California’s ideas would eventually win the day.

“Jeff Sessions is an old dinosaur with old ideas,” Terry said. “We have a younger, newer, more educated population who will vote that out. It won’t last.”

En intressant utveckling.