Kalifornien introducerar sin egen lag om nätneutralitet

Donald Trumps regering har som bekant rivit upp den amerikanska nätneutraliteten. Men i ett tecken på att åtminstone Kalifornien inte kommer att ge upp kampen för ett frit Internet så den kaliforniske kongressen introducerat en lag om nätneutralitet i Kalifornien.

Katharine Trednacosts skriver på Electronical Frontier Foundation:

California Introduces Its Own Bill to Protect Net Neutrality

2018 has barely begun, and so has the fight to preserve net neutrality. January 3 was the first day of business in the California state legislature, and state Sen. Scott Wiener used it to introduce legislation to protect net neutrality for Californians.

As the FCC has sought to abandon its role as the protector of a free and open Internet at the federal level, states are seeking ways to step into the void. Prior to December, the FCC’s rules prevented Internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking or slowing down traffic to websites. The rules also kept ISPs from charging users higher rates for faster access to certain websites or charging websites to be automatically included in any sort of “fast lane.” On December 14th, the FCC voted to remove these restrictions and even tried to make it harder for anyone else to regulate ISPs in a similar way.

Det här är bara en liten del av en massiv kampanj mot Trump-regimens försök att krossa det fria Internet i USA. Rob LeFebvre skriver p[ Engadet: Net neutrality suit gains support from tech’s biggest companies

Just one day after Ajit Pai’s FCC released the text of its order to gut net neutrality, a lobbying group that represents the largest tech companies in the world has decided to take legal action. The Internet Association represents companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter and other heavy hitters. It will join an existing lawsuit as an intervening party, which lets the group file arguments against the FCC.

En strid som kommer att påverka Internets framtid även i Sverige.