Kommer den amerikanska centralbanken att anamma en Bitcoin-liknande FedCoin?

Kryptovalutor som Bitcoin och den underliggande Blockchain är högintressanta för finansvärlden. Som Neil Irwin skriver i New York Times: hould the Fed Create ‘FedCoin’ to Rival Bitcoin? A Former Top Official Says ‘Maybe’. If cryptocurrency and blockchain technology really are the future of money, the world’s central banks need to get involved, a former Fed governor argues.

If he had returned to the Fed, Mr. Warsh said, he would have appointed a team “to think about the Fed creating FedCoin, where we would bring legal activities into a digital coin.”

“Not that it would supplant and replace cash,” he said, “but it would be a pretty effective way when the next crisis happens for us to maybe conduct monetary policy.”

He added that blockchain technology, which allows reliable, decentralized record keeping of transactions, could be useful in the payment systems operated by the Fed, which enable the transfer of trillions of dollars between banks.

“It strikes me that a central bank digital currency might have a role to play there,” Mr. Warsh, who is now a distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford, told several reporters Thursday evening.

Ännu ett tecken på att kryptovalutor är här för att stanna.