Vad kan du om AI, kryptovalutorna och GPU-kriget i Silicon Valley?

Glöm de traditionella CPU-na, idag är det de Grafiska chipsen som gäller, och konkurrensen om dom är intensiv bland de företag som sysslar med AI och Kryptovalutor.

Som Cade Metz skriver i New York Times Why A.I. and Cryptocurrency Are Making One Type of Computer Chip Scarce

Artificial intelligence systems, made by companies ranging in size from Google to the Chinese start-up Malong Technologies, rely heavily on a computer chip called a graphics processing unit, or G.P.U. The chips are also very useful in mining digital currencies like Ethereum, a Bitcoin alternative riding the same wave of hype as its more famous cousin.

With people and companies involved in the two surging tech niches buying up the same chips, G.P.U.s have been in short supply over the past several months. Prices have increased by as much as 50 percent, according to some resellers and customers.

“The chips are simply going out of stock,” said Matt Scott, a technologist from the United States who founded Malong after leaving Microsoft’s research lab in Beijing in 2014. “And the problem is getting worse.”

Och värre lär det bli.