Hyrcyklar och skotrar etablerar sig i USA

Medan USA är bilens förlovade land och amerikanerna inte bryr sig det minsta om att sitta ensamma i en timme eller längre i bilköer till och från jobbet, trots att dom kunde samköra eller trycka på politikerna om bättre kommunala transporter, så har billiga hyrcyklar och skotrar blivit populära for kort-korta resor bland millenniegenerationen.

Kevin Roose skriver i New York Times:How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Electric Scooters

The rise of shared e-scooters is just one of several recent tech-powered experiments in urban mobility. Dockless bike-sharing programs, which have been popular in China for years, are starting to take off in America. The programs added 44,000 bikes in the United States during the last half of 2017, according to a report by the National Association of City Transportation Officials. Other wheeled innovations — like electric unicycles and skateboards — are also making gains.

Like the earliest ride-hailing providers, many e-scooter companies have taken a cavalier approach to growth, dumping thousands of vehicles on city streets with no permits and little advance notice. This tactic has not endeared them to cities. Bird paid $300,000 in fines and other fees to settle a legal dispute with Santa Monica after the city sued it for operating without a proper license last year. Denver recently ordered Bird and LimeBike, another e-scooter provider, to remove their scooters, and Nashville and other cities have begun seizing scooters from their streets. (Citizen-led protests are happening, too — in San Francisco, scooters have been vandalized and thrown in front of Google buses.)

Det är lätt att se hur den här flugan på något decennier kunde utvecklas till seriösa alternativ till korta resor med ultralätta ännu inte existerade bilar.