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  1. Sara

    Hi Lennart, it’s Bob’s daughter Sara Welch. How are you and Shu-Ying? This is random but I came across your blog about my dad, so I put it into Google Translate and was surprised to learn that Mila Gibbons had the health inspectors come visit my father’s “restaurant.” Really? He never told me that. So she was responsible for his business being shut down? Are you sure? My memory is that a writer for the Town Topics wrote about my dad’s $5 table and that got the attention of the authorities.
    Here’s some background: https://archive.org/stream/towntopicsprince3834unse/towntopicsprince3834unse_djvu.txt (original front-page story from 1983)

    https://archive.org/stream/towntopicsprince3848unse/towntopicsprince3848unse_djvu.txt (followup story announcing shutdown of the business)

    1. Lennart Post author

      Hi Sara!

      Real nice to hear from you!

      Let me know if you receive this response.



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